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Components Builders

A Carter Components Builder is responsible for assembling products accurately to ensure a quality product is produced.

1743 Dual Highway

Hagerstown MD 21740

(240) 707-6470

10-Second Application

A Carter Components Panel Designer is responsible for designing plans for the quoting and production of wall panels. Ensures drawings are produced accurately and timely based off of blueprints provided by customers. Requires the knowledge of commonly used framing concepts and practices within the construction industry. A strong belief in the mission and goals of the company are necessary to this position.

1743 Dual Highway

Hagerstown MD 21740

(240) 707-6470



  • Reviews and analyzes work order to ensure proper materials are being provided.
  • Sets up equipment and material in order to assemble product according to the design provided.
  • Maintains inventory by providing an accurate count of products.


  • Performs repetitive line assembly operations to produce a quality product.
  • Manually fits and sizes products by utilizing various tools.
  • Ensures that production quotas are being met while maintaining quality assembly.


  • Adheres to safety requirements by operating equipment and handling material in a safe and appropriate manner.
  • Acknowledges and reports any defects or safety issues to supervisor immediately.


• Knowledgeable in the basic aspects of construction

• Previous experience using truss software

• High level of knowledge in the application of the products being designed

• Competency in basic mathematics, geometry and trigonometry

• Knowledgeable in reading architectural and structural plans

• Ability to analyze, trouble shoot and problem solve

• Strong verbal and written communication skills

• Working knowledge of Microsoft Office including Word, Excel and Outlook


Benefits Provided (full-time employees):

Medical Insurance

Vision Insurance

Dental Insurance

Disability Insurance

Life Insurance

Employer-matching 401(k) Plan

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