Now Hiring: Sawyers

Carter Lumber Sawyers are responsible for preparing, sawing and organizing lumber to be used by our assembling teams to build trusses and wall panels.

10-Second Application



  • Responsible for gathering materials needed to perform job according to requirements. Reads cut sheets to determine the amount, size and grade of material that needs cut. Sets up machines properly to ensure accuracy of cuts are made. Ensures a quality product is produced. Maintains inventory by providing an accurate count of products. Manages an equipment servicing schedule. Meets daily, weekly and team related production goals. Responsible for loading and unloading semi flat beds on a daily basis.


  • Adheres to safety requirements by operating equipment and handling material in a safe and appropriate manner. Acknowledges and reports any defects or safety issues to supervisor immediately.


Benefits Provided (full-time employees):

Medical Insurance

Vision Insurance

Dental Insurance

Disability Insurance

Life Insurance

Employer-matching 401(k) Plan

16700 S US 27

Lansing MI 48906

(517) 977-1119

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