Truss Assembler

3520 Moline Martin Rd

Millbury, OH 43447

Trusses are the structural components that support roofs and floors in residential home buildings. They are created by connecting lumber with metal plates, and in this position, you would be responsible for building these components. To begin each day, you will complete a start-up checklist to make sure all the equipment in your area is ready for building. A computer at your workstation will provide you with all the information you need to build the truss. Based on the design, you and your team will set up a framework on the building table, within which the truss will take shape. Then, you will place each piece of lumber in the appropriate position and join them with metal plates. Once all plates have been put in place, you will use a large roller to flatten the plates and merge them with the lumber. After a quality check to ensure there are no mistakes, you’ll move on to your next truss.

Health, dental, vision, life & disability after 30 days

Company-match 401(k)

Vacation time & paid holidays

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