Now Hiring: Cabinet Field Supervisor

A Carter Lumber Cabinet Field Supervisor is responsible for the development, implementation and supervision for all cabinet-based jobs within the Charlotte, NC area. This is accomplished by keeping lines of communication and information open between the corporate office and the field to ensure production is accurate and timely. Effective communication with the field and internal departments are mandatory for the success of this position.


Department Management

- Assists in setting the direction for all cabinet projects.

- Develops and oversees all aspects of cabinet projects in region to ensure goals are met.

- Contributes in the development of the annual budget and ensures budget is adhered to.

Program Development & Implementation

- Recommends and troubleshoots needed resolutions to avoid job site issues in field.

- Ensures all stores and installers are aware of installed policies, procedures and safety guidelines that they must follow to meet quality and service standards.

- Provides guidance to stores so that the company can properly execute projects.

Physical Aspects:

- Standing, walking and/or driving for up to 4 hours consistently

- Ability to move in, among and through a variety of construction job sites

- Ability to lift and/or move up to 100 pounds; Ability to type


Benefits Provided (full-time employees):

Medical Insurance

Vision Insurance

Dental Insurance

Disability Insurance

Life Insurance

Employer-matching 401(k) Plan

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